ma’amalade time

Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Collab for ‘What’s in My Bag’ Video

Everyone is obsessed with Paddington Bear. It’s incredibly easy to love a sweet little bear who loves eating sandwiches out of his hat. During an early round of press tours for his upcoming Paddington 3 movie, Paddington sits down with the queen of England to teach her a thing or two about tea and ma’amalade. Queen Elizabeth, who has been on the English throne for longer than Paddington has been alive (his first appearance was in 1958), kicked off the beginning of the queen’s Platinum Jubilee with Paddington as a surprise special guest. In the intro video, the royal highness and Paddington reveal where they keep that thing on them (the thing being sandwiches). After Paddington adorably takes out his sandwich from under his red hat, the queen opens her traditional black purse to pull out a sandwich in a very YouTube “What’s in My Purse?”–style way. Next on the Paddington tour: He’ll sit down and record a podcast with Prince Harry (we hope).

Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Film ‘What’s in My Bag’ Video