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Goodbye, Gorgeous! Beanie Feldstein Is Leaving Funny Girl Early

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Update Monday, July 11: The Funny Girl Twitter says “exciting casting announcements” are coming at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, July 11. So it’s just a little while longer until we find out Lea Michele will be playing Fanny who will be playing Fanny now that Beanie Feldstein is getting fanned out sooner than expected. In an Instagram post shared July 10, Feldstein announced she’s leaving Funny Girl July 31, not September 25 as previously reported. “Once the production decided to take the show in a different direction, I made the extremely difficult decision to step away sooner than anticipated,” she wrote, thanking audiences and those involved in the production. Last month, she got engaged to producer Bonnie Chance Roberts. No announcement was made for the other star leaving the show, so it appears Jane Lynch is still staying until September. Which means if a certain someone gets the part she was designed in a lab to play, there could be quite the Ryan Murphy-verse reunion.

Original story published June 15, 2022 follows.

In a stunningly efficient social media post, Funny Girl announced that 1) Beanie Feldstein was back on Broadyway post-COVID, and 2) she’s leaving again very soon. Both she and Jane Lynch, who plays Mrs. Rose Brice, will be leaving the musical revival September 25. “14 weeks left to see Beanie Feldstein & Jane Lynch,” the post read. “Stay tuned for additional casting news to join Ramin Karimloo & Jared Grimes and the company of Funny Girl.”

Feldstein’s take on the titular role of Fanny Brice has been, um, polarizing. As this is the first time the show has been revived on Broadway, a lot was riding on her. Especially since Barbra Streisand’s performance in preserved on screen for anyone with Prime Video. Now that Feldstein is exiting, the casting rumors can begin anew. Lea Michele’s agent, Jonathan Groff, is most certainly making some calls to see if she can read for the role.

Goodbye, Gorgeous: Beanie Feldstein to Exit Funny Girl Early