Cheer’s Jerry Harris Sentenced to 12 Years for Soliciting Sex From Minors

Photo: Netflix

Jerry Harris, former reality star of Netflix’s Cheer, has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for soliciting sex and nude photos from minors. Harris pleaded guilty in February, claiming in a statement to have “actively sought out and is participating in mental health treatment and therapy both for his conduct and the diagnosed trauma disorders for which he suffers.” When he entered his pleas — one for sexual assault and one for paying a 17-year-old for sexually explicit photos and videos — he faced up to 50 years in prison. Harris had been the breakout star of Cheer, even working as a red carpet correspondent for Ellen at the 2020 Oscars. In September of that year, Harris was accused of sexual misconduct with two minors and arrested on child pornography charges. Cheer season 2 addressed the allegations, going so far as to interview the twin brothers that accused him of sexual misconduct.

Cheer’s Jerry Harris Sentenced to 12 Years for Sex Crimes