Okay, Did Danny Gonzalez Ghost or Get Ghosted by Kevin Jonas?

YouTuber Danny Gonzalez ghosted the eldest Jonas Brother, Kevin Jonas, years ago, even writing a song called “I Ghosted Kevin Jonas” to cement his legacy on the JB Fandom. However, a newly resurfaced tweet from seven years ago might change the narrative. Fans found a tweet from Gonzalez to Jonas where Gonzalez asked if he received his message. Gonzalez first shared the Jonas story in the video, “I’M CAMP ROCK,” where he joked about the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM, if you will) Camp Rock. He then revealed that Jonas invited him to be a part of a music video; they shared a brief conversation where Jonas explained he was looking for Viners to lip-sync to a part of the song. Gonzalez forgot to send him his portion of the video (he was in college during that time) and realized he ghosted Jonas.

In his latest second-channel video, “i think i might have lied,” Gonzalez addresses the resurfaced tweet. “I have no recollection of tweeting this seven years ago,” he explained, “I think this tweet happened in the immediate conversation we were having where he initially reached out. The story is a bit longer, obviously, than what was in the song, but we were talking for a little bit.” He also clarified that the tweet was most likely about the initial conversation where he was making sure that Jonas saw his messages. He remembers telling his friends that he ghosted a Jonas Brother, so he doesn’t believe he was misremembering what happened. “This also could’ve been after I ghosted him for a while, and I did end up responding weeks later. I texted him back then with, ‘Hey, I’m sorry. Can I still help?’ or something, and then he didn’t respond to that. The things you don’t remember, man …”

Did Danny Gonzalez Ghost or Get Ghosted by Kevin Jonas?