Bennifer Has Tied the Knot

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Update 3:55 p.m.: It’s official! The Marry Me actress has confirmed her matrimony in her newsletter. “We did it,” she wrote. “Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient… Love is a great thing, maybe the best of things-and worth waiting for.” Pics of the lowkey ceremony for a famously highkey couple have also been released. Jennifer also posted a pic of her wedding ring to her IG, captioning it “Sadie! #iykyk.” ICYDK, the Sadie she’s referring to is “Sadie, Sadie, married lady” from Funny Girl. Which means that, in the midst of getting married, J.Af still has her finger on the pulse.

Original story follows.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reportedly gotten married, per court records obtained by TMZ, bringing an end to a years-long celebrity saga (or is it just the beginning?). According to “Page Six and TMZ, the two quietly filed for marriage on Saturday in Las Vegas. The court records reportedly show that Lopez has changed her name to “Jennifer Affleck,” which is huge if true, but neither has released a statement confirming the name change or their newlywed status. Lopez first announced her engagement to Affleck back in April via her ingeniously-titled newsletter, “On The JLo.” Along with the engagement announcement, Lopez posted a short video of her enormous green wedding ring (Affleck previously proposed to her in 2001 with a pink diamond ring). Here’s hoping for an equally enormous celebrity wedding later this year!

Bennifer Has Tied the Knot