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Kerry Washington Helped SAG Members Get Insurance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

You know those allegedly heartwarming stories on the local news where, like, a baby gets a paper route to pay for his grandma’s insulin? Or a whole town chips in to buy a headstone for someone who died in a preventable workplace accident? Turns out, late-night comedy can do those, too! Guest host Kerry Washington helped two SAG-dues-paying actors qualify for health insurance with walk-on parts on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy Kimmel is out for the whole summer and is the only late-night host who still regularly uses guest hosts, Carson-style. Washington is steering the ship for one night and was preceded by two nights of Dana Carvey. Which SAG members did he help? David Spade? That’s your podcast partner, Carvey. It doesn’t count!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Helps Actors Get SAG Health Insurance