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Joseph Quinn Worried About Being the Side-Joe on Stranger Things 4

Eddie Munson may not be an overthinker, but that doesn’t mean his Joseph Quinn doesn’t have anything to worry about. Namely, not hurting the relationship between Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery. Quinn made his late-night talk-show debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on July 25, where he discussed the fact that his Stranger Things character, Eddie Munson, came between one of the most beloved relationships in all of Netflix: Dustin and his babysitter Steve. In the new season of the show, Eddie is Dustin’s new older friend, causing Steve to get a smidge jealous. “I was quite nervous about this dynamic,” said Quinn. “I was very conscious stepping into it, and being Gaten’s ‘side-Joe.’” But fear not, Stranger Things viewers: “It actually became one of the things I most enjoyed about it, because me and Joe would just compare little Gaten anecdotes.”

We’re lucky Quinn even got to the interview to tell this little tale. The 28-year-old almost didn’t make it after being halted by immigration officers who didn’t believe he was coming to America to chat with Jimmy Fallon. Luckily, one of the officers recognized him as the Eddie Munson. “He was like, ‘Do you come back next season?’” Quinn recounted. “I said, ‘I don’t know,’ and he said, ‘You better,’ and gave me my passport.” So all the Munson-ites can breathe a sigh of relief, especially Doja Cat.

Joseph Quinn Worried He Was a Side-Joe on Stranger Things 4