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Crazed Kehlani Fan Accosts Unbothered Singer at a Starbucks

Christian Walker and Kehlani. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Christian Walker/Instagram and Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Christian Walker yells for a living. One minute, he’s on Twitter being loud in trans people’s business; the next, he’s on Instagram yelling about the lack of American flags in the windows of random establishments. In a video posted to his Instagram Story, the alt-right TikToker and troll confronted Kehlani in a Starbucks parking lot and repeatedly misgendered them. “This LOVING TOLERANT INCLUSIVE woman told the baristas that I was ‘that a-hole from tiktok.’ So yes, I got out of the car,” he captioned the video. And he didn’t just get out of the car. He walked up to them and put the camera all up in their face, accusing the Grammy-nominated singer of not letting him have an opinion. “Ma’am, you don’t need to tell baristas that I’m an asshole because I have an opinion,” Walker spat. “Get your drink and go away. I can have an opinion like everybody else. Why are you entitled to an opinion and not me? You wanna talk?”

If you’ve never seen a Christian Walker Production, you may be thinking this is some kind of joke, or performance art, or some deranged person off the street, but this is actually a hallmark of the Walker Conservatism,™ or his way of standing up to liberal snowflakes. The fact that this confrontation happened at a Starbucks is par for the course — the coffee giant is where he often shouts his right-wing talking points. He followed up his unhinged performance with an Instagram Story of him smizing to the camera in Givenchy. “I was just listening to a Kehlani song yesterday. Sister girl didn’t know who she was dealing with,” he wrote. “Don’t let the Givenchy and smile fool you, I will step out of the car.”

Kehlani responded to Walker’s apparent verbal harassment on their Instagram Story, where they posted a screen grab of their bemused face during the confrontation and captioned the pic “a taurus.” Kehlani then shared something absolutely juicy. In 2016, Walker had tweeted, “i love kehlani soo much,” pretty much confirming that he accosted his idol. The disappointed stan didn’t bother them, though. According to a TikTok Kehlani apparently posted and deleted, the reason Walker attracted their attention is that he was zooming in and filming the many pride flags that are in that particular Starbucks’ windows. They wanted to give the workers a heads-up that some mess was coming their way. “I would like to end this with – I was on in virtual therapy session that entire time,” they wrote in their Stories. “Therapy works babes im proof.”

Crazed Kehlani Fan Accosts Unbothered Singer at a Starbucks