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Cardi B Defies Gravity in Her ‘Hot Sh-t’ Music Video

Update, Tuesday, July 12 at 8:30 p.m.: After initially stating that her new single, “Hot Shit,” would not come with a music video, Cardi B surprised fans by announcing that the video would be out on Tuesday. She previously stated that she was “over” people only wanting to do things their way when it came to her music videos, as a reason why the song didn’t have a video when it was released. Dressed in futuristic lingerie, Cardi defies gravity by walking up the sides of buildings before being joined by Lil Durk and possibly Kanye West? While West did not show his face in the video, he may have pulled a Kardashian Halloween by having someone, possibly him, rapping with their face covered next to a motorcycle. Maybe Lil Durk is cosplaying as West? Maybe West is directing his doppelganger behind the camera. Maybe it’s West himself. We don’t know! The person has a mask; it’s impossible to tell! Exclamation points aside, Cardi, at least, was finally able to create something her way, even if other unnamed parties didn’t want to get with the program.

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After announcing the song during a BET Awards commercial break, Cardi B’s latest single, “Hot Shit,” featuring Ye and Lil Durk, is finally out. The lyric video includes Cardi glowing in gold in the back seat of a matching golden car. Absent from the release is an accompanying music video; Cardi shared earlier this week that she was “exhausted with everybody” and was “over” people only doing things their way. While there isn’t an iconic music video, she does include the radio edit and instrumental version of the track, in case you want to karaoke on the latter version. This song, as well as “WAP” and “Up,” will reportedly be featured on her untitled second studio album. Whenever Cardi decides to make her next music video, she has plenty of friends who might want to join in.

Cardi B Defies Gravity in Her ‘Hot Shit’ Music Video