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Mo’Nique Is Filming a Comedy Special for Netflix Post-Settlement

Mo’nique. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mo’Nique is filming a stand-up special with Netflix. Yes, that Netflix. “Can y’all believe this [bleep]?” asked Mo’Nique in Netflix’s announcement. “Hey y’all it’s your girl Mo’Nique and I’m excited to say that I’ll be shooting my first Netflix special.” The details of the special are yet to be released. The contention began when Mo’Nique claimed Netflix reportedly offered her $500,000 for her stand-up special, a number that paled in comparison to the $20 million offers that Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were getting at the time, as well as the $11 million Amy Schumer was getting. Mo’Nique then asked her followers to boycott Netflix in an Instagram video and then sued Netflix for racial and gender-based discrimination in 2019. The case was eventually settled out of court earlier this year. The details of the settlement were not fully released, but it does appear that both parties were happy enough to work together moving forward.

And we’re not sure what’s in the water over at Netflix, but this story comes after it was announced that Mo’Nique would replace Octavia Spencer in Lee Daniels’s upcoming Netflix film Demon House. She previously accused him of blackballing her in Hollywood after their Oscar-yielding collaboration on Precious because, famously, Mo’Nique did very little campaigning during Oscar season. Mo’Nique last put out a stand-up special in 2016, when she self-released her special “Something Different” on Amazon, though it is no longer available.

Mo’Nique to Film Netflix Comedy Special Post-Settlement