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My Unorthodox Life’s Julia Haart Sues Ex-Husband Over Millions

Photo: Netflix

My Unorthodox Life’s Julia Haart is heading to the courtroom. According to Deadline, the Unorthodox star is suing her ex-husband and fellow co-star, Silvio Scaglia, for more than $257 million in damages. In a complaint filed in the New York State court, Haart’s lawyers argued that Scaglia was reportedly “a liar and a fraud” and scammed her out of stocks from their parent company, Freedom Holding, Inc. “Haart’s indentured servitude must be remedied,” the complaint states. “It cannot be that a man can convince his wife to give up millions in dollars in salary and benefits, plus an employment contract at the peak of her career (along with the security and independence that come with those things) and then leave her with nothing when his bait-and-switch is revealed.” The former couple originally planned to continue as business partners after their divorce in 2021 and to release an announcement on Valentine’s Day of their partnership amid the divorce news. However, Haart discovered that she was allegedly not given 50 percent of the company as promised and her ex was now in control of the business, which led to this lawsuit.

My Unorthodox Life was renewed for a second season last year and will reportedly follow Haart as a single woman.

My Unorthodox Life’s Julia Haart Sues Ex-Husband and Co-star