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Calm Down, There Wasn’t Actually Anybody On Drake’s 14-Minute Jet Flight

Photo: Cole Burston/Getty Images

Celebrities are getting called out for their over-reliance on PJ’s — that’s private jets, not peanut butter and jellies nor personal Jesuses — and the celebs are lowering their Q scores with every rebuttal. Drake, for example, commented on an Instagram post that his recent 14-min plane jaunt was just logistics. “This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at for anyone who was interested in the logistics,” he wrote, “nobody takes that flight.” Oh, good. Shuffling unmanned planes between airports is a much better use of fossil fuels, thanks for the clarification Aubrey. Twitter account @CelebJets has posted three recent Drake-less Air Drake flights: Three trips from Hamilton to Toronto, averaging 14-18 minutes and each creating five tons of CO2 emissions. Drake and his team may think moving the planes to him makes the most sense logistically, but other people think he should perhaps come to where the plane is. Junk Filter host Jesse Hawken suggested Drake “take the GO train,” which leaves Toronto every hour (per their website). Or maybe just pay extra to keep the PJ at the Toronto airport? Drake is far from the only celebrity being called out for their private jet flights. Kylie Jenner was critiqued for her jet’s 3-minute flight from Camarillo to Van Nuys.

Nobody Was Actually on Drake’s 14-Minute Jet Flight