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Snooki Filmed a Cameo Trolling Republican Senate Candidate Dr. Oz

Photo: Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

John Fetterman, the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and Democratic candidate for the United States Senate for Pennsylvania, is just like us: He got his frenemy Mehmet a Cameo from everyone’s favorite meatball, Jersey Shore’s Snooki. Except Mehmet is best known as Dr. Oz and is actually running against him as the Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania. In Snooki’s Cameo message, where she appeared to not realize it was a political troll for Dr. Oz, she stated that she “heard that [he] moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to look for a new job.” As a Jersey girl, she could not imagine why anyone would want to leave Jersey. “I know you’re away from home, and you’re in a new place, but Jersey will not forget you,” concluded Snooki. “You’ll be back home in Jersey soon. This is only temporary.”

During Fetterman’s campaign, he’s been critical of his opponent Oz, who used his in-law’s address to vote in Pennsylvania and only moved there in recent years. An adviser to Fetterman told Sam Stein of MSNBC that the campaign paid $393.75 for the Cameo from Snooki. In response to a Daily Beast article asking if he could “shitpost” his way to the senate, Fetterman tweeted, “I mean we sure are trying.” If Fetterman is looking for another reality star to use for his next move, Survivor’s Jeff Probst might be available.

Snooki Filmed a Cameo Trolling Senate Candidate Dr. Oz