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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Shereé Hasn’t Heard from Tyrone Since the Philly Ep Aired

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans cringed as Shereé Whitfield endured a sham of a relationship with certified crumbum Tyrone Gilliams. The fandom’s breaking point with Tyrone came in episode 14 of this season, when left her waiting in Philadelphia for two hours. The couple had planned to hang out on a New York trip, but it would have been a violation of his parole to cross state lines. Rather than tell her this like a normal person, Tyrone left her alone and crying. Apparently this episode was a breaking point for the semi-estranged couple, as Shereé told Andy Cohen on WWHL that after that episode aired, she hasn’t heard a peep. She also said that the couple enacted their celibacy pact because the sex was “terrible.” As fellow guest Phoebe Robinson said, “You are too beautiful for that.”

RHOA: Shereé Hasn’t Heard from Tyrone Since Philly Ep Aired