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Taylor Swift Brings Back Her Concert Monologues to HAIM Show

Photo: @thinkzakkIknows/Twitter

Well, once upon a time, there were these three sisters from the San Fernando Valley. And they formed a little band called HAIM. And just like clockwork, they got bigger and bigger and bigger. They even made a few friends along the way. Until one day, they got SO big they started performing outside of Los Angeles. In London even! And one day, one of their friends decided to come to see the show. Did we say see? Oh, we meant to join in and perform one of their hit songs. And that friend was … Albert Einstein. Kidding, it’s Taylor Fucking Swift.

Have you missed Taylor Swift’s long monologues in between songs during her concerts? Honestly, me too. As someone whose last pre-pandemic concert was Miss Swift on the Reputation tour, I’ve completely forgotten that most artists do not speak that much in between songs. And they should! It’s fun and cute. Swift reminded fans how much baahhddly they need her to go back on tour when she joined her pals HAIM for a mash-up of “Gasoline” and “Love Story.” Alana Haim introduced Swift, who wore a matching all-black Louis Vuitton outfit, to a roaring crowd, and after the first half of the cameo, Swift did a li’l talkin’.

During her monologue, Swift addressed how big the audience was, 20,000 people to be exact, similar to how she would when she’s on tour. While she didn’t thank the crowd for spending their Thursday night with the sisters, Swift asked them to sing “the loudest they’ve sung all night” to the lyrics of “Love Story” as HAIM helped blend the two songs into one. Thursday night was the first live performance of “Gasoline” with all four singing together onstage.

Is it the haunting way Swift belted out “baahhdd” during the show a hint for “Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version)”? Or maybe it’s the black leather look? Swifties know this is very much a stretch and just a way to cope as fans eagerly wait for the next Taylor’s Version release. BUT, the song IS featured in DC League of Super-Pets. So, if Taylor Swift wants to continue releasing songs through movies until her “Shake It Off” lawsuit is over, well, what’s wrong with that?

Taylor Swift Brings Back Her Concert Monologues to HAIM Show