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Insecure’s Christina Elmore Secures Seat As One of The Girls on the Bus

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Can the world really handle any more political drama at this particular moment in time? HBO Max sure hopes so because the streamer is still filling seats on its upcoming series The Girls on the Bus. Per Deadline, Christina Elmore (who played Condola in Insecure) is the latest passenger to join Melissa Benoist and Natasha Behnam in the cast of the upcoming political drama. The show is based on a chapter from New York Times reporter Amy Chozick’s memoir, Chasing Hillary. Written and executive produced by Chozick and Vampire Diaries creator Julie Plec, The Girls on the Bus centers on journalist Sadie McCarthy (Benoist), who bonds with three female competitors while covering a presidential campaign. Elmore will play Kimberlyn Kendrick, an Ivy League–educated Reagan Republican who writes for an outlet called Liberty News. Meanwhile, Behnam will take on the role of a Gen-Z influencer named Lola Gabriel, who is known for making TikToks about politics. The fourth and final busmate has not yet been cast. How will these very different women become friends as they follow the candidates battling for the keys to the White House? We don’t know, but we imagine it will involve some spiels on the bus going round and round.

Insecure’s Christina Elmore Secures Seat on Girls on the Bus