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The Resort’s Cristin Milioti Wore Body Glitter Every Day in the 2000s

Photo: Alberto Rodriguez/Peacock via Getty Images

Cristin Milioti is no stranger to magic realism comedies, or to body glitter. At the premiere of The Resort at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles on July 25, Milioti says “there’s no brain like” creator Andy Siara, whom she also worked with on Palm Springs. Both projects focus on the magic powers of the past, present, and future — Palm Springs asks, “What if you never had to leave the present?” while The Resort wonders if the past is better than the present. Milioti plays Emma, a woman who is at a crossroads in her ten-year marriage to Noah, played by William Jackson Harper in the Peacock series premiering its first three episodes on July 28. While they’re on vacation in Mexico, she discovers an abandoned Motorola Razr phone that belonged to a missing college student, Sam (Skyler Gisondo). The two take the phone as a sign to take on the unsolved mystery of what happened to Sam and Nina, another missing resort guest — and reignite their relationship along the way. Romantic! During her journey, Emma is deeply nostalgic for everything that once defined the 2000s — Juicy Couture tracksuits, iPods, and flip phones are all on her mind as she’s solving the decades old mystery.

“I think I like things that are sneaky,” Milioti said the premiere. “Where you think you’re watching one thing, maybe a simple comedy or a piece of escapism, and then it makes you laugh and disarms you.” She’s also excited for her favorite 2000s trends to come back, like chokers, indie skater style, and even body glitter: “This is very new Jersey of me, but I wore body glitter every day [in the 2000s]. I feel like that’s not coming back in an everyday way, but I’d like to see it more.”

Cristin Milioti Wore Body Glitter Every Day in the 2000s