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It’s Time to Clear Your Podcast Queue

Yuh! Photo-Illustration: Vulture

The Vulture podcast family is a week away from getting 50 percent bigger: Next Thursday, we’re launching an exciting new weekly culture show called Into It.

Hosted by Sam Sanders (you may know him from his remarkable tenure as host of It’s Been a Minute on NPR), Into It will marry Sam’s infectious passion for entertainment with the entirety of what Vulture offers. Amusing, illuminating conversations about notable new releases? Of course. Frivolous riffing about pointless culture news? Absolutely, yes. Recommendations from your favorite Vulture writers? In abundance. It’ll be everything you enjoy about visiting our site and following us on social bounced off of your tympanic membranes.

Into It launches on July 28, but you can beat the rush by following now. Now we’ll throw to Sam, who will tell you a bit more about his new show:

It’s Time to Clear Your Podcast Queue