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Japanese Breakfast and Jeff Tweedy Joined Forces at Pitchfork Music Festival

Photo: Pitchfork

Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner has made no secret of her love for Wilco (she reposted Jeff Tweedy’s cover of “Kokomo, IN” with the caption, “I think my soul may have just left my body”), so when Tweedy joined Zauner for two songs at Pitchfork Music Festival yesterday, it was a beautiful moment for all involved. Tweedy walked onstage halfway through Japanese Breakfast’s set to huge applause, and performed “Kokomo, IN” as well as Wilco’s “Jesus Etc.” (a song that Zauner has stated influenced the arrangement of “Kokomo”). This isn’t the first time Zauner has performed with Tweedy — she joined Wilco at Solid Sound Festival in May for “Jesus Etc.” — but it is the sweetest. Watch Japanese’s Breakfast’s full set below (Tweedy joins in at the 33:40 mark).

Watch Japanese Breakfast and Jeff Tweedy Join Forces