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The 6 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

Thor: Love and Thunder; Conjuring Kesha. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Marvel Studios and Discovery+

A short week brings slim pickings for things to watch this weekend, but that’s fine. There’s less to be inundated with! Your easygoing watch list includes the latest Marvel movie — which, yes, features a glimpse of Chris Hemsworth’s As(s)gard — and Kesha’s ghost-hunting show, which is sure to become perfect “turn on while during house chores” fodder. There’s more good stuff to dig into, so here are our picks for the best new titles to check out this weekend.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor is one of the first MCU characters to get a fourth solo film, but he has also been one of the hardest to crack. Sure, the Shakespearean Thor of the first two films wasn’t necessarily terrible, but when Taika Waititi took over with Thor: Ragnarok, you could tell Chris Hemsworth was having a whole lot more fun, along with everyone else at Marvel (and audiences alike) who wanted more of that zany hilariousness. Enter Thor: Love and Thunder. The new film opens as Thor is wandering from place to place post–Avengers: Endgame with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Korg, but not until the threat of Gorr the God Butcher and a reunion with his ex Jane Foster (now Mighty Thor) does he get back on track to do … well, you have to watch.

In theaters

Mad Max: Fury Road

If you’re love-and-thundered out this weekend, there’s never a bad time to watch or rewatch Fury Road. George Miller’s kick-ass sequel to his Mad Max franchise is constantly praised as one of the best films, like, ever. And if you haven’t seen it, maybe you think I’m hyping it up a bit too much, but how about you check it out for yourself? It’s thrilling, it’s sick, and it’s got Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy as leads. Fury Road is a gnarly, magical, “What a picture!” kind of watch.

Available to stream on HBO Max

Boo, Bitch

I’m no doctor, but Boo, Bitch is shaping up to fill the YA-size hole in your heart that Never Have I Ever and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before might have left. The new limited series may have more of an edge than those two, but it’s still about a high-schooler wanting to bloom (i.e., be noticed) and find love. Except in Boo, Bitch, Lana Condor plays a teenager who dies and comes back as a ghost, giving her the courage to do all the things she couldn’t while she was alive, like say bitch.

Available to stream on Netflix

Conjuring Kesha

Supernatural reality shows are so hot right now. There’s Unidentified With Demi Lovato, Conjuring Kesha, and hopefully coming very soon, Kristen Stewart’s very gay, very paranormal reality show. (Ghostbusters, move over.) It’s a great time for us, all you pop-star, queer-icon-loving girlies! But while you wait for Stewart’s show, you can binge Kesha’s ghost-hunting series featuring her guests, musician Betty Who, Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher, rapper Big Freedia, and comedian Whitney Cummings.

Available to stream on Discovery+

Black Bird

There’s nothing like parents and their true-crime obsessions, so try recommending Black Bird, a tense series inspired by the true events of a prisoner (Taron Egerton) tasked with befriending a highly dangerous suspected serial killer (Paul Walter Hauser) to reveal the killer’s true body count in exchange for his own freedom. So yeah, no sleepovers and spin-the-bottle games here.

Available to stream on Apple TV+

Killing Eve, season 4

Okay, sure, Killing Eve ended on a flop. Season four landing on Hulu is probably an announcement geared more toward the completists out there who need to wrap up their seasons-long watch. This is also a good time to let you know that every season of Killing Eve is available on the streamer now, so you can binge it all or just start at the beautifully done beginning. There are still great moments among it all.

Available to stream on Hulu

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The 6 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend