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American Pie Got Jennifer Coolidge Hella Laid

Photo: RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

American Pie has much to answer for. Normalizing sex bets, ruining dessert, and bringing “MILF” into the common lexicon among its many sins. But one person is definitely grateful for the idea of MILFs: original MILF Stifler’s Mom portrayer Jennifer Coolidge. Speaking to Variety, the actress said the movie really helped people see her as someone they’d L to F. “I got a lot of play at being a MILF and I got a lot of sexual action from American Pie,” she said. “There were so many benefits to doing that movie. I mean, there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with.” American Pie may have gotten Coolidge 200 (!) dates, but Mike White’s The White Lotus gave her confidence. “The saddest thing about life is that you just make decisions about yourself,” she told Variety. “If I’m not getting great roles, I come to the conclusion that people think I’m incapable of that. And then I make the decision that I am incapable of that. You actually have to have a Mike White that comes in and says, ‘I think you can do this.’”

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