what a tease!

Beyoncé, Professional Tease, Releases ‘I’m That Girl’ Almost Music Video

Ever since Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” was released, there’s been one question that has plagued the greatest minds of America and the world: “Hey, Bey! Where’s the video?” We now have what appears to be as close as we’re going to get to an answer before any videos off Beyoncé’s album Renaissance actually materialize. The videos exist. When are they coming out? No idea.

What Beyoncé does have to offer is a music-video-like “Official Teaser” for the first track off of Renaissance, “I’m That Girl.” The teaser includes a horse, a very sexy Beyoncé in some sick clubwear, and one Everything Everywhere All At Once–style shot of a metric-shit-ton of Beyoncé looks that we’ve never seen before. But then, almost exactly halfway through the video, it stops short and we’re left with a title card reading, “act i RENAISSANCE.” Whether that means that two more Beyoncé albums are coming out is yet unclear, but we do know that the official teaser was accompanied by more merch options, which means there will be 84 more dollars on that elevator once I make my purchase.

Beyoncé Releases an Almost Music Video for ‘I’m That Girl’