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Troy Kotsur’s Oscar Statue Inadvertently Stolen by Local Juveniles

Troy Kotsur Photo: Doug Peters/PA Images via Getty Images

Academy Award–winning actors have junk in their back seat, too. While the rest of us might hoard free McDonald’s napkins, errant tote bags, and clothes you swore you were going to donate two years ago, CODA star Troy Kotsur uses his car as a trophy case for his Best Supporting Actor Oscar. He is so real for that! What Kotsur didn’t calculate in his storage plans, however, was the possibility of grand-theft auto. Over the weekend, his Jeep was stolen with the Academy Award® of Merit inside while he was visiting hometown of Mesa, Arizona, per NBC. The Mesa Police Department said in a statement that the vehicle was stolen Saturday night by two male juveniles and recovered the same day. “Once Mr. Kotsur notified the department of the theft, officers began their investigation and through investigative techniques, they located the vehicle with two juvenile male suspects inside,” police said. The teens must have been in a silly, goofy mood because they admitted to the theft and returned the Jeep with everything inside, according to police. For now, at least, the Oscar is safe. Maybe this is the push Kotsur needed to finally clean out his car.

Troy Kotsur’s Oscar Inadvertently Stolen by Juveniles