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Community Still Attempting to Fulfill the Prophecy With Six Seasons and a Movie

What’s Ken Jeong up to? Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

Who, in 2011, knew that a fake clip-show episode of Community would foretell a future that would take place in years to come? That was the year that Community aired “Paradigms of Human Memory,” the 21st episode of its second season that included the line “six seasons and a movie,” which became first a calling card, then a demand of fans of the show. Now, six seasons and 11 years later, series creator Dan Harmon still wants that dream to come true. “I will now say it’s a matter of when. I have been so careful about that,” Harmon told Newsweek in an interview. That’s because it’s currently unclear. But how’s he gonna break it to the viewers? “The fan that Instagrams every day about Community and when there’s gonna be a movie — how can you tell them, ‘Yes, it’s definitely going to happen, but it may be between one and eight years from now’? Which is how the industry works, especially when you factor in pandemics and whatnot,” said Harmon. For now, he confirms, “There is an outline for it. There’s a product put together and pitched out in the world. I guess that’s how real it is.” It may not be the first time he’s teased this, but maybe Harmon’s Rick and Morty–based clout will make something materialize. And Dan, can you tell us if Donald Glover is going to be in it? Troy and Abed need a reunion.

Community Still Attempting Six Seasons and a Movie