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David Alan Grier Wants You to Know He’s Still Alive

Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest host (and recent Tony winner) David Alan Grier kicked off his fill-in slot with a little get-to-know-you segment. Much like those pervs over at Wired, Grier answered the most searched questions about himself. One of which being “How old is Jamie Foxx?” Apparently the most asked question is, “Did David Alan Grier pass away?” Grier said yes, sadly, he did die. Fucking your mom. Bazinga! He got your ass. It was as classy as one of Grier’s more recent appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (he’s done the show 35-plus times), when he may or may not have flashed Kimmel in his baggy, baggy basketball shorts. Grier then went on to give another Tony-worthy performance as the security guy at Mar-a-Lago, which he’d like for his reel if the folks at ABC can see to lending him a copy. Please?

David Alan Grier, Alive, Hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live!