HuffPost Contributor Begs You to Read Her 2010 Blog

Diana Jenkins, Garcelle Beauvais. Photo: Getty Images

Update, Friday, August 26: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Diana Jenkins somewhat addressed the claims of cyberbullying in an Instagram post. “I have been accused of instigating the hateful and inexcusable cyber bullying of Garcelle’s son,” she wrote, referencing her co-star’s 14-year-old. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I have stood for human rights my whole life. There is no place for hate in this world.” Anyone else feel the hate in this world just vanish? “To those people who have been attacking my family and threatening our lives, you are also spreading hate and creating fear,” Jenkins ended her IG statement. “Please stop.” Spotify artist Erika Jayne and former M&M Lisa Rinna got involved on their Instagram Stories after some Twitter users pointed digital fingers their way. “I did not hire bots to attack Jax and my offer to apologize to him, in person, still stands,” Jayne wrote in all-caps. “Sincerely, Erika.”

Original story published August 25 follows.

On August 25, HuffPost contributor Sanela Diana Jenkins finally issued a statement regarding the online harassment her fans aimed at Garcelle Beauvais’s 14-year-old-son, Jax — but only after she was accused of hiring bots to attack the teenager. “Please read [the] article I wrote in 2010,” she captioned an Instagram post. ”Link is in bio. It might give you more insight into who I am as person and as a mother.” Jenkins continued, finally getting to the point: “I am appalled at recent comments aimed at the child of one of my fellow RHOBH cast members. No one should be treated this way, especially children. Sadly, this was not the first time RHOBH children have been attacked. This has to stop. Leave our kids alone.” Around the same time, Bravo finally released a statement, arriving hours after WWHL debuted this really pivotal video of a few housewives imitating Nicole Kidman’s AMC Theaters commercial.

In Jenkins’s IG post, she shared screenshots from her 2010 HuffPost article titled “Civil War or Genocide? Ask the Mothers of Srebrenica” — an article about the Bosnia and Herzegovina town’s 1995 massacre and how she “didn’t know (not truly) the difference between war and genocide, between aggression and ethnic cleansing” until visiting. One line from a passage she shared on Instagram reads: “I was a sister once. I am a daughter. I am a mother.”

So what happened? Everything really started to spiral on August 21, after Jenkins tried to accuse Beauvais of “ridiculing” her miscarriage and “mocking” her. Beauvais responded on Twitter, denying the accusation. “I would never ridicule another woman over a miscarriage. I have had 3 miscarriages. I don’t wish that on anyone EVER !!!!,” she wrote. “[E]veryone needs to calm down.”

The two housewives had a thorny start earlier this season, sparked by Jenkins getting defensive over misspelling Beauvais’s name in a text, and later when Beauvais deemed her “uneducated” after Jenkins feuded with a Bravo stan account. Now kids are involved, as “fans” seemingly in favor of Jenkins have gone after not only Beauvais but her son in a multitude of DMs and comments. But as more harassment started to appear on Jax’s social media, people began suggesting Jenkins “paid for bot accounts to go after” Beauvais and her family.


Jenkins has not responded to the bot claims.

Bots aside, Beauvais and supporting housewives Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards all shared similar messages to fans and haters alike: Leave children of the housewives alone. Beauvais shared a message on her Instagram Story “From Jax” and thanked the non-bots for their support.

As for Jenkins, apart from sharing Bravo’s black-squared message, she is currently promoting her birthday and her “lifestyle” beverage company, Neuro Drinks, while on an elaborate vacation in Hawaii.

HuffPost Contributor Begs You to Read Her 2010 Blog