Drake Dueted With Nelly Furtado, Got COVID-19 at October World Weekend

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Looks like one October World Weekend guest was a surprise even to Drake: the novel coronavirus. (Maybe it took a private flight there!) The rapper announced he tested positive for COVID-19 this morning, midway through his Toronto concert series, writing on his Instagram Story (in cheugy italic font) that he was “truly devastated.” The positive test comes days after Drake performed alongside over a dozen other Canadian rappers and singers at his All Canadian North Stars concert turned superspreader event on July 28. Notably, Drake joined Canadian pop icon Nelly Furtado for her first performance in years, singing along as she performed her 2000s throwback hit “I’m Like a Bird.” (To his credit, maybe his struggling vocals were due to … honestly, never mind.) And hopefully, Drake didn’t give Furtado COVID — or any of the other performers, including In Essence, Jully Black, Kardi, Maestro Fresh Wes, and Michie Mee.

Drake’s positive test means that the weekend’s grand finale, a long-awaited (and, at this point, potentially cursed) Young Money reunion concert with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, will be postponed. Drake wrote on Instagram that the concert will be “rescheduled to the SOONEST date possible.” The rapper went on to promise, “The moment I test negative I will give you everything I got on stage (except the Covid) 😢.” More like 😬.

Nelly Furtado, COVID Joined Drake at October World Weekend