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Dylan O’Brien’s Blond Dye Job Was Inspired by ‘So Many F**kboys’

Photo: Cindy Ord/WireImage

It’s a little too fitting that Not Okay — a movie about influencers, wannabe influencers, and Dylan O’Brien as a blue-check weedfluencer — had its own viral moment before the trailer even dropped. And by viral moment, I mean O’Brien’s uncanny transformation into the tatted, bleach-blond Colin (a.k.a. @weedboiiicolin). The dye job was O’Brien’s idea. And, as it turns out, completely in line with writer and director Quinn Shephard’s vision for the character. “I think, literally on the day, I texted Quinn,” O’Brien said at Not Okay’s July 28 premiere in Manhattan. “I was like, ‘Are you cool if I bleach my hair?’ She was like, ‘I was literally going to text you that yesterday.’ So everyone was sort of onboard.”

Colin’s hair might look like Pete Davidson cosplay, and his streetwear-heavy wardrobe might call to mind more than one famous TikToker. But O’Brien says he drew inspiration from many, many years of observing obnoxious guys online. Colin “was an amalgamation, I think, of so many fuckboys that I’ve seen on the internet over the past ten years. It’s become such a character,” he said. “I kind of knew him instantly.”

Although he’s back to brunette for now, Colin’s look is officially immortalized in O’Brien’s new Twitter icon. And in many, many thirsty tweets.

Dylan O’Brien’s New Hair Was Inspired by ‘So Many F**kboys’