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Harry Styles, Pescatarian, Taunted With Chicken Nuggets Onstage at MSG

Harry Styles sans chicken. Photo: Jo Hale/Redferns

Pelting a clown with chicken sounds like a medieval pastime we would now look down upon. So that means only Harry Styles could make it look cool. When Styles came out as a … pescatarian in a 2020 Vogue cover story, he probably imagined that his vociferous fan base would take note. Not so fast, Harry boy! At a recent concert at Madison Square Garden, Styles, wearing his typical sexy clown suit, noticed that a fan threw some (what, in our professional opinion, appear to be from McDonald’s) chicken nuggets onstage unprompted. On some level, this made sense — Styles does love a lyric about food. On another level — huh? “Who threw the chicken nugget?” asked Styles in the voice of a smirking high-school-English teacher.

Fans then began chanting “Eat it!,” which Styles wisely refused to do. “I don’t eat chicken,” he disappointed the room. “Sorry! I don’t eat meat. Non mangia carne.” Then he tossed one of the nuggets back to the nugget-pitcher, warning them not to eat it after it hit the ground. Upon discovering another nugget, Styles proffered a critique. “This is cold,” he smirks. “And, I’m assuming, very old.” Luckily, all nuggets were returned to their rightful owner, and Styles, who actually has enough problems right now, did not consume any scary chicken. This sexy clown lives to die another day, darling.

Harry Styles, Pescatarian, Taunted by Chicken Nuggets at MSG