bloody sunday

Blood Is Thicker Than Water in the House of the Dragon Title Sequence

Photo: HBO Max

After last week’s tease, the House of the Dragon’s highly anticipated title sequence has arrived. The bloody opening credits stick to the theme, literally, utilizing composer Ramin Djawadi’s opening song from the original Game of Thrones series as blood runs over stone. In contrast to the original series’ opening credits, which zipped around the map of Westeros and Essos, showcasing the many locations of the show, this new sequence stays within the castle walls, flooding it with blood in a nod to the house words of the Targaryen family, who are the main focus of the prequel. House of the Dragon was recently renewed for a second season of for half-ponytails (to keep their hair away from all the blood, duh.)

Blood Is Thicker Than Water in House of the Dragon Opening