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John Oliver Kinda Feels Like HBO Is Being Burned Down ‘for the Insurance Money’

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is maybe the most simile-fueled show on TV. Oliver and his writing and graphics staff explain complicated political and global issues via kooky comparisons all the time. It’s the “Hey, Lois, remember the time I [cutaway gag]” of satirical infotainment. In an August 7 episode about monkeypox, Oliver compares America’s 20 million unused, expired vaccination doses to “an expired Chobani, or a $90 million movie on HBO Max.” Clearly Warner Bros. Discovery cannot escape the reaction to its scrapping of Batgirl. “Hi there, new business daddy,” Oliver says. “Seems like you’re doing a really great job. I do get the vague sense that you’re burning down my network for the insurance money, but I’m sure that that’ll all pass.” Oliver’s network is probably safe because it does seem as though the massive new parent company is going after HBO Max rather than HBO proper (for now). WBD’s cynical decision to shelf near-completed movies like Batgirl is, now that Oliver mentions it, just like the business strategy of a probably-Mafia-aligned restaurateur on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Oh, no … now we’re doing simile humor!

John Oliver Suspects That Warner Bros. Is Burning Down HBO