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Kevin Bacon Cools His Goats Down With a Cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Heated’

Who’s hot hot hot? Kevin Bacon’s goats, apparently — and Bacon himself, performing Beyoncé’s “Heated” for them. On Sunday, Bacon posted a video to Twitter of himself serenading three goats with the Renaissance cut on acoustic guitar in a white tank-top, trucker hat, cool sneakers, and sunglasses. “Hot day, hot song,” Bacon wrote. “The goats and I are feeling Heated, @Beyonce. Loving this track.” (The man knows a good song when he hears it.) No, he didn’t cut footloose and do Beyoncé’s gonzo rap breakdown from the song, instead keeping things chill for the performance. And he even got some help from one of his goats, who nuzzled his guitar mid-song. “You played,” he told it afterward. “That was pretty good.”

Kevin Bacon Cools His Goats Down With Beyoncé’s ‘Heated’