Jay and Silent Bob, Wedding Correspondents

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Who is spilling the most tea on the Bennifer wedding? Is it TMZ? J.Lo’s own newsletter? Ana de Armas Updates? No, it is Kevin Smith. Both Jay and Silent Bob attended the wedding of the century, and boy do they love love. “I was crying like an old woman at a wedding … like my mother at a wedding. Honestly, like, one of the most romantic moments I’ve engaged with in my life, and it wasn’t even my romantic moment,” Smith told Extra. “You’re watching two people who worked very hard to make their love happen and to stick the landing and close the circle.”

Jason Mewes kept it more stoic, saying, “I didn’t cry like Kevin did. It was funny because he was in front of me, and I swear, every time he, like, looked down the aisle at them while they were, you know, doing the thing, I see tears running. It was pretty hot there and they gave you these, like, fans on your seat, and Kevin kept, like, rubbing it off, trying to hide it.”

Smith attended the wedding in formal shorts, which are actually shorter than his most famous pair of jorts. It was a serve. Smith and Mewes were natural invites for the family affair, having met on the set of Mallrats. Smith cast Lopez in Jersey Girl during her and Affleck’s first love affair, even commissioning a custom video game about their love — Jen Saves Ben, in which Lopez fights ninjas to rescue Affleck.

“This dude wrote vows, they both wrote vows for each other, and they were achingly beautiful,” Smith said. “I’m telling you, this wedding would’ve made the most hard-core cynic believe in true love.” Smith, no stranger to love, told Extra that Affleck was beaming like he’d never seen at the wedding. “We all watched him win an Oscar with Matt for Good Will Hunting back in the day,” he said. “Take all of his happy moments you’ve ever seen … combine them, and you still don’t touch the radiating glow on the man’s face when he was standing at the top of the aisle and Jennifer was walking toward him.”

Jay and Silent Bob Report From the Bennifer Wedding