no feet pics pls

Ringo Starr Promotes Get Back Blu-Ray With New ‘Foot’-age

Photo: Getty Images for The Recording A

For reasons unknown, Ringo Starr took to Twitter today to show his 2 million Twitter followers his feet/promote the Blu-ray of The Beatles: Get Back series. Like Joyce Carol Oates before him, Starr tweeted out a foot pic utterly unprovoked and apropos of nothing, though at least he didn’t have a visible rash. “YES peace and love,” Starr captioned the photo, which also featured an unopened copy of the Get Back Blu-ray, along with a bunch of emoji. Perhaps in response to the internet’s bafflement, Starr posted another foot pic three hours later captioned, “Wow I just had a pedicure looking good peace and love” (he’s a little confused, but he got the spirit). This is an unconventional marketing tactic, but not an ineffective one, considering the coverage of Starr’s tweets. Check out the posts below, if you dare.

Ringo Starr Promotes Get Back Blu-Ray With New Footage