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Mikayla Is Returning to Hannah Montana’s Beach House

This one is for the location-scouting heads in the audience — those brave nerds who watch a movie or TV show and go, “Wait, I recognize that window,” then spend hours on IMDb figuring out that Flo the Progressive Lady goes on a date with John Hamm in the same restaurant that Chinatown was filmed in. Disney Channel diehards will recognize the house that Selena + Chef uses in season four as none other than Hannah Montana’s Malibu beach house. Previous seasons of the show were filmed in Gomez’s own home, but season four has gone beachier and more nostalgic. The Malibu property was also featured on Big Little Lies as Madeline Martha Mackenzie’s house. The new season of Selena + Chef will feature appearances by Gordon Ramsay, Ludo Lefebvre, Matty Matheson, Priya Krishna, and Rachael Ray. The show drops on HBO Max August 18.

Selena + Chef Season 4 Features Hannah Montana’s House