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Warner Bros. Is Letting a Lucky Few Actually See Leslie Grace’s Batgirl

Photo: Vevo

Barbara Gordon continues to get the short stick in the Batfam. Paralyzed for her dad’s character development in the ’80s, adapted for TV before the CW’s Arrowverse, and now axed by corporate mergers, Batgirl’s had it tough. But at least the people who worked on the now-canceled Batgirl film will get a chance to see their work on a (private) big screen. Deadline is reporting that screenings of the film are being held all week for “a select few.” Among this few (this happy few, this band of Batgirl) will be cast and crew, reps, and studio execs. Doesn’t seem fair that an executive that may have had a hand in quashing the film’s release gets to see it on a big screen and Batgirl superfan Kevin Smith probably does not, but go off. Meanwhile, more Bat IP has been nixed by Warner Bros. Discovery, including Batman: The Caped Crusader and Merry Little Batman.

A Select Few Will Actually Get to See Batgirl