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Willow Smith Drops New Song, Announces Album, and Innovates Capitalization

That’s not a big Smith, that’s a Wiwwow Smith! But it is a pretty big discography, especially for someone born in the 21st century, and it’s still getting bigger. Willow Smith (who goes by the stage name WILLOW) dropped a new single along with an accompanying visualizer on August 5. “hover like a GODDESS” — a creative use of capitalization just like bro Jaden Smith’s tweets — and it’s in the vein of much of WILLOW’s recent work: pop-punk pastiche filtered through a Gen-Z lens. “I’ll never be fine if you won’t be mine,” sings WILLOW to the titular GODDESS. WILLOW just announced via her Instagram that a new album, COPINGMECHANISM, will be coming out September 23. Counting her collaborative album with Tyler Cole, The Anxiety, this will mark Smith’s sixth album, following 2021’s Lately I Feel Everything. Once we’ve overplayed “hover like a GODDESS,” we’ll be back to “Wait a Minute!” in anticipation.

Willow Smith Drops New Song, Innovates Capitalization