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50 Cent Legally Asserts That He Has Not Had Penis-Enlargement Surgery

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for STARZ

In case you’ve ever wondered, 50 Cent says he has never had penis-enlargement surgery — and he’s ready to take that claim to court. The rapper and mogul, born Curtis Jackson III, is suing a Miami-area plastic-surgery clinic for allegedly implying he was a client for penis-enlargement surgery, Billboard reported. The claim focuses on a photo that 50 Cent took with Angela Kogan, owner of Perfection Plastic Surgery & Med Spas, which Kogan later used to promote the business — including a since-removed Shade Room interview about penis-enlargement surgery. The story named 50 Cent as a client of Kogan’s and featured a photo of a man getting a procedure “with a euphemistic eggplant” over his penis. 50 Cent’s lawsuit asserts, multiple times, that the rapper has “never had such a sexual enhancement procedure,” let alone any plastic surgery from Perfection. The lawsuit goes on to take issue with Perfection’s promotion of the Shade Room story on social media and the “vulgar and sexually charged comments about Jackson and his body, particularly in light of the ways that Black men in U.S. history have been, and continue to be, sexualized and fetishized.” The lawsuit hasn’t yet settled on a number for damages but says it will be in the multimillions.

Vulture has reached out to Perfection for comment. Meanwhile, according to his own social media, 50 seems to be taking the situation in stride. “every now and then i get a fool like this, Smh 🤷🏽‍♂️,” he wrote on Instagram. “what away to put your self out of business. 👀”

50 Cent Has Not Had Penis-Enlargement Surgery