Antoni and Jonathan Van Ness Are Pretending to Date to Sell Us Something

JVNtoni. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF

Update Thursday, September 15:
We were right.

Original story as follows.

Two of the Queer Eye queens are pretending to date, likely to sell dog food. Happy 2022. Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness manufactured a series of social-media posts on September 14 in which they imply that they are together “after years of joking about it.” Both have posted on their Instagrams and Twitters, as well as their ’ship Instagram, which is a thing that all of us have to know exists. “Happy to report that we’re finally together as partners - for real this time :)” @Jvntoni posted. “More tomorrow.” So what are the business partners doing together? Well, one savvy Twitter user pointed out that the Antoni x JVN official relationship account only follows three people: Antoni, JVN, and the Instagram account for Yummers Pets, which has 233 followers and has yet to post anything. A website for Yummers provides more details about their “mix-ins” and “functional toppers” for both dogs and cats. The account has since unfollowed Yummers, but sponcon for Yummers pet food still seems like what’s going on, even if it sounds like it was created by AI.

Antoni and JVN Are Pretending to Date to Sell Us Something