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5 Shocking Moments from the Armie Hammer True-Crime Special

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Almost one and a half years after allegations of sexual abuse, threatening text messages, and cannibalism fantasies, the world is still wondering: what the hell is going on with Armie Hammer? In Discovery+’s three-part docuseries, we might finally have some answers. House of Hammer examines Hammer’s life and relationships, from interviewing his ex-girlfriends to investigating his family tree. Hammer’s former girlfriends, Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, discuss their relationship with the actor and how their romance escalated through love bombing and isolation. Members of the Hammer family and close family friends also share their stories about the oil tycoon dynasty. Casey Hammer, Cathe Boal, Mariann Vitamanti, and Wendy Williams (a different one) describe their relation to the Hammer family and how the patriarchs of each generation (Julian Hammer, Armand Hammer, and Michael Hammer) controlled those around them. Read on for all of the docuseries’ biggest secrets on what went on behind closed doors with the Hammer family.

1. Armie left threatening notes on one of his victim’s car

Vucekovich and Armie first began talking in June 2020 and bonded over their shared traumas, but Vucekovich now sees the beginnings of their relationship as “love-bombing.” Armie made plans to try to visit Vucekovich while on a road trip to Los Angeles during the Fourth of July weekend. Vucekovich was not home; however, that did not stop Armie. He allegedly sent her a photo of the outside of her apartment building, texting her that he was trying to “find [her] scent.” She also shared Armie left a signed note on her car that said: “I am going to bite the fuck out of you.”

Courtney Vucekovich, one of Armie Hammer’s former girlfriends. Photo: Talos Films/Discovery+/Talos Films

2. Armie’s family has an alleged history of abusive behavior

Armie came from an influential family headed by his wealthy oil tycoon great-grandfather Armand Hammer, who was friends with politicians like John F. Kennedy and the British Royal Family. Armand was possessive of anyone who was involved in the family. Casey, his granddaughter, described her home life as 1984, where “Big Brother is always watching.” She says Armand tapped the phone calls in the family home, and there were “files” kept of the children’s partners and friends.

The unhealthy behavior allegedly continued with her own father, Julian. She described how Julian reportedly abused her mother and had “orgies” with 16 and 17-year-old teenagers, who he called “housekeepers.” Casey also said that she was sexually abused by her father and further described her home life in her 2015 memoir, Surviving My Birthright.

3. One of Armie’s former employees is speaking out– anonymously

Out of fear of professional retaliation, the former employee anonymously shared their experiences working with Armie. “What I had experienced was nothing compared to what they had experienced,” they explained about their relationship with Armie in comparison to their other co-workers. “You’d work with him the entire movie and never see through that facade. Behind closed doors, it’s different.” Armie allegedly asked the employee to hold up a sign in an airport with a homophobic slur. When they refused to do it, Armie asked his other employees if they should be fired for refusing to do so. He also pressured the former employee into getting a lap dance without his consent at a strip club.

4. Courtney Vucekovich and Casey Hammer met for the first time

Through the docuseries, Vucekovich and Casey were able to meet for the first time in November 2021. They discussed how much they’ve grown since the incidents with the Hammer family and how they’re a part of breaking the toxic cycle. Casey also commended Vucekovich for “going up against the dynasty” and using the power of social media. “So much of what Courtney echos is what I continue to struggle with,” Casey shared.

5. Michael Hammer wrote Casey Hammer a letter condemning her for speaking out

Casey’s brother and father of Armie, Michael Hammer, wrote Casey a letter condemning her for her memoir and for speaking out against the family. Casey read the letter, where Michael said he could “no longer remain quiet” and threatened her with legal action if she continued to speak about their family. She explained that Michael’s behavior was very reminiscent of their grandfather Armand. “I refuse to be silenced,” concluded Casey.

5 Shocking Moments from the Armie Hammer True-Crime Special