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James Cameron Deploys Avatar Remaster to Lure Us Back to the Cinema

James Cameron really liked going to the movies as a kid. Photo: @JimCameron/Twitter

The magic of cinema is kind of in vogue now. We’re talking the cinema experience, not lying in bed watching a movie with your laptop screen seven inches away from your face and snack crumbs between your sheets scratching your legs. “Ever since I was a kid going to the movies, there was nothing like the cinema experience,” director James Cameron begins in a new teaser posted on Twitter for the Avatar rerelease. “When we made Avatar, we set out to push the limits of that experience.” Although the record-setting director doesn’t say it explicitly, here’s the subtext of this little 45-second clip: Get off your computers and abandon your 4K motion-smoothing flatscreens. Get your ass to the movies! And up his inconceivably high box-office numbers. The guy who made Titanic didn’t spend useful energy arguing with 20th Century Fox execs for a massive Avatar budget only for the public to watch his expensive blue alien renderings on a small screen! Cameron clearly wants to take a page out of the Nicole Kidman handbook to try to galvanize audiences to head to their local multiplex. Missing from his kinda boring short spiel, though, is Kidman’s drama and “It’s so true” flair. They should’ve given the AMC-commercial dream girl the role! The Avatar rerelease lands in cinemas on September 23.

James Cameron Deploys Avatar Remaster to Lure Us to Cinemas