Vince Gilligan Is Developing a New Show for Apple TV+ Starring Rhea Seehorn

Vince Gilligan. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images and John Salangsang/Variety via Getty Images

Update, Thursday, September 22:
Apple TV+ rules, AMC drools. The new Vince Gilligan show will officially be developed for Apple TV+, according to Deadline. The series has received a two-season, straight-to-order deal, with around $13.5 to $15 million in running costs per episode. Basically, it’s the kind of deal you get when you’re the guy who just made two of the biggest TV hits of the 21st century. So, who’s it gonna star? Rhea Seehorn, that’s who! Recent Emmy nominee Seehorn will be taking the project’s leading role fresh off her time as Kim on Gilligan’s Better Call Saul. “After 15 years, I figured it was time to take a break from writing anti-heroes … and who’s more heroic than the brilliant Rhea Seehorn?” Gilligan said in a press release. “It’s long past time she had her own show, and I feel lucky to get to work on it with her.” We don’t know any plot details yet, but when it comes to Gilligan’s track record, “not an anti-hero” is still a pretty big deal.

Original story follows.

Vince Gilligan is the one who knocks creates a bunch of hit TV shows. Creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, as well as a writer on The X-Files, Gilligan is reportedly developing a new TV show, according to Deadline. Pitching for the show has not yet begun, but with Gilligan’s record, hype for the upcoming potential series has already started with “at least 8–9 networks and platforms lined up to hear it,” per reports. The show is going to take place outside of the Breaking Bad Televisual Universe (BBTU) and focus on “the human condition.” It seems as though Gilligan’s work on The Twilight Zone — through which he met his Walter White, Bryan Cranston — might be a better indicator of the direction of this particular program.

As Gilligan’s current show, Better Call Saul, is airing its final set of episodes, it is on the awards campaign trail with seven Emmy nominations — including for stars Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn as well as for Best Drama Series. The Emmys will air Monday, September 12, on NBC and Peacock, but we all know the real prize is the grimey little freaks we met along the way.

Rhea Seehorn Will Star in Vince Gilligan’s Next Series