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Britney Spears Claims She Wasn’t Being ‘Critical’ of Christina Aguilera

Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Intimate Britney Spears and Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for amfAR

Britney Spears is clarifying her recent Instagram post about Christina Aguilera. Spears posted an image on September 12 that read, “I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people,” and mentioned Aguilera and her backup dancers in a rambling caption about the lack of choice she had in her career. “I mean if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers I would have looked extremely small 💃💃💃,” she wrote. Aguilera reportedly unfollowed Spears over the post, which was widely interpreted as fat-shaming. Now, in a new post on September 13, Spears wrote, “By no means was I being critical of Christina’s beautiful body.” The pop star went on to say she didn’t “even mention” Aguilera, despite Aguilera’s name being in the caption. “Thank you @xtina for inspiring me !!!” she continued.

Spears had previously called out Aguilera, her former Mickey Mouse Club castmate, for “not speaking out” about her conservatorship. “To be honest, I’m not trying to be critical of anybody,” Spears wrote today. “What I posted is a projection of the insecurities I deal with all the time as a result of how my parents and the media have treated me … I would never intentionally body shame anybody because I know what it feels like.” The post comes after Spears claimed she “probably won’t perform again” because of trauma. She recently returned to music with the Elton John collaboration “Hold Me Closer.”

Britney Spears Wasn’t Being ‘Critical’ of Christina Aguilera