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Seeking: An Invitation to Christine Baranski’s Skinny-Dipping Parties

Does your mother know that you’re out (skinny-dipping with Christine Baranski)? Photo: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Name: The Staff of Vulture
Age: Various
Seeking: An invitation to one of Christine Baranski’s “nude swimming parties”

Christine Baranski truly does throw skinny-dipping parties in the moonlight for her friends. In a recent New York Times profile of the actress, in contrast to her stuffy character Aunt Agnes on The Gilded Age, Baranski reminds us all she “has been known to have nude swimming parties in the moonlight at her lake house in Connecticut with fellow actors like Mark Rylance and Cherry Jones.” Theater’s Mark Rylance and Cherry Jones?! It turns out these kings and queens of their craft are party animals in the best way. “There is indeed lovely bacchanalian behavior, but nothing untoward,” says Baranski of their potentially lewd behavior. “I think Cherry in particular just doesn’t care if she swims naked in the day or the night.” Nan Pierce from Succession? Molly Star from Ocean’s Twelve? Pamela from Erin Brockovich? That woman deserves a good time.

Who’s Invited to Christine Baranski’s Skinny-Dipping Party?