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Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast to Perform in Character As a Book

So a book is a written piece of work bound together … Photo: Abrams Image

Have you ever wanted to read a think piece about pizza from the perspective of Lauren Lapkus’s beloved character, Big Sue? How about a first-person essay about the trials of amnesia from Paul F. Tompkins’s Andrew Lloyd Webber? You may just be able to satisfy these desires soon, as a new Comedy Bang! Bang! book is on its way. According to an Instagram post from the podcast’s host, Scott Aukerman, Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast: The Book, a new “full-color extravaganza, with all of your favorites from the show contributing text pieces, ads, board games, and MORE,” is coming out April 2023.

Comedy Bang! Bang! (formerly Comedy Death-Ray) has existed in some form since 2002. It has been a live comedy showcase, CD, radio show, IFC TV show (2012–16), still ongoing Earwolf podcast, and now book. “In Comedy Bang! Bang!: The Podcast: The Book, Scott Aukerman transports readers inside the zany world of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast,” reads a statement on the Comedy Bang! Bang! website. “The book features brand-new anecdotes and opinions from the show’s wild cast of recurring characters, and matches the show in tone and wackiness, with essays, lists, plays, nods to running bits, and four-color illustrations throughout, helping to bring the zany, satirical, undefinable world of Comedy Bang! Bang! to life in new and surprising ways!”

The book is currently available for pre-order in both signed and unsigned editions. According to its cover, It will feature five introductions, prefaces, or forewords from the likes of Patton Oswalt, Tatiana Maslany, Jack Quaid, Bob Odenkirk, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, as well as a “rebuttal to the introduction” by upcoming biopic recipient “Weird Al” Yankovic. You may also be able to read it in a library one day, provided you can quiet all of its banging.

Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast to Perform in Character As a Book