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Halloween Ends Will Be the Final Girl (Okay, Movie …) in the Franchise

“It’s been four years …” and the Halloween film franchise is seeing new beginnings (and endings) in the streaming era. Halloween Ends, the 13th and final installment of the Halloween franchise, is just getting started in its new trailer, where Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Kyle Richards reprise their roles from the previous films. Directed by Halloween Kills director David Gordon Green, the film will premiere in theaters and stream on Peacock on October 14, giving fans plenty of time to watch before the titular holiday. In a special video for Instagram, Jamie Lee Curtis (joined by a spooky friend) announced the premiere date for the film and thanked fans for the “honor of my life” as Michael Myers’s No. 1 target, Laurie Strode. “We discovered that there are people who want to go to theaters and scream their guts out and other people who want to stay at home and scream their guts out,” said Curtis, discussing how the distribution of Halloween Kills influenced the final film. “But what we knew is that people watched. And we got great results both at the box office and from streaming.”

Despite the simultaneous digital and theatrical release potentially screwing them over a tad, theaters are expected to play ball and screen Halloween Kills. According to The Hollywood Reporter, major theater chains will most likely go ahead and show the film because (1) Universal is going to make a big push for the theatrical experience and (2) Universal has done the most theatrical exclusive releases since the pandemic made that a going concern. AMC, the country’s largest circuit, is def screening the flick, per THR. That means come October, you can go to the AMC at Universal City Walk Hollywood, watch Halloween Kills, then go to Universal Halloween Horror Nights and experience the OG Halloween maze. What a date night! What synergy!

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Halloween Ends Is the Final Girl in the Halloween Franchise