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Inside Amy Schumer Is Hot Enough for TV Again

Photo: Comedy Central/YouTube

The never-ending, 12 Angry Men–like debate about Amy Schumer’s “hotness” is about to heat up again. Six years after Comedy Central aired the fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer, Paramount+ is getting ready to revive the critically acclaimed show for a new season of five episodes.

“I wanted to bring back Inside Amy Schumer to burn any remaining bridges,” the Life & Beth creator and star wrote in a letter to her fans. “It’s better than ever. Well, not as good as season three. But close. We will be airing on the hottest piece of ass, Paramount+. So, sit down and open your pants (so you’re comfortable, not in a sexual way) because we’re not holding anything back. You won’t want to miss the show that will finally get me forever canceled.”

The announcement follows the news that Schumer will be taping her upcoming stand-up special at Los Angeles’s Orpheum Theatre in December and the June release of Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory, a stand-up showcase she hosted earlier this year at the Netflix Is a Joke festival. It’s in line with Paramount+’s corporate strategy to tap into nostalgia by building on its revivals of other beloved shows such as Beavis and Butt-head, Workaholics, and Reno 911! 

The first two episodes of season five of Inside Amy Schumer will premiere on October 20, and the next three will be released weekly. Stream them, the “Duchess of Long Island” requests in the letter to fans. “It’s what the Queen would have wanted.” Perhaps it’s a bit much for Schumer to give herself such a lofty title, but she has to “stand in her truth.”

Inside Amy Schumer Is Hot Enough for TV Again