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American Citizen John Oliver Just Wants His ‘Football’ ‘Matches’ Back

Look, John Oliver may have starred in the live-action Lion King remake that was actually animated, but that doesn’t make him a fan of all monarchies. One that doesn’t make this Brit’s nice list is the one from his home island: the Bri’ish royal system. On last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Oliver pointed to his clip from Last Week Tonight that got censored in the U.K. as an example of the outrageous hoopla. In the clip he said “Britain is still mourning the shocking loss of a 96-year-old woman from natural causes.” “That’s literally not a joke,” he explained to Meyers. “That’s a fact with a kind of dickish inflection.”

Worst of all, perhaps, is that cricket and rugby (posh sports) were allowed to continue while football (see: soccer) was put on pause, something Oliver calls “tangible class warfare”: “I think they were concerned about how football fans would respond to a minute of silence, and maybe they would not be able to go the whole minute.” But Oliver brings up a great point about what the Bri’ish government might be missing: “The question on their mind is always, Will they behave? It’s never, Why might they not?” And it’s never them saying “Oh, behave” like Austin Powers, which is the real tragedy no one is talking about.

John Oliver Just Wants His ‘Football’ ‘Matches’ Back