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Kevin Smith, Chaos Agent, Forces Seth Meyers to Do a Bit Instead of an Interview

Kevin Smith loves Seth Meyers. In fact, he loves Seth Meyers so much that in his appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, he dispenses with the sales pitch for his new movie Clerks 3 remarkably quickly. “I only make movies so I can come here to play with Seth,” Smith gushes. “I wrote a bit for us to do.” With that reveal, a seismic shift occurs in the interview — Seth Meyers is no longer in control of Late Night With Seth Meyers. It’s The Smith Show now, buddy. Smith hijacks the interview to make Meyers perform his new song “12 Days of Impressions Camp,” a parody of “12 Days of Christmas.” The song forces Meyers (who, as he often notes, is not an impressionist) to do a series of “impressions,” including Bane, Donald Trump, and a southern lawyer. Meyers becomes continually distressed throughout the segment, which he was intentionally not informed of ahead of time. “Look at the sweat coming out,” Smith pokes at the host. “You haven’t worked this hard in years, kid.” At the end of the segment, Meyers shakes Smith’s hand. “Thanks for having me,” says Meyers, and walks off his own set.

Kevin Smith, Chaos Agent, Forces Seth Meyers to Do a Bit