Kristen Zang Wants You to Know There’s Life After Dating Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Amy Graves/WireImage

An ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio wants to remind everybody that life is hardly over once you hit 25. In an op-ed for People, Kristen Zang said she wants to address what she feels are the ageist tones of headlines about Leo’s breakup with Camila Morrone. “I think we can and should do better. What kind of message is this sending to young people?” Zang wrote.

Zang dated DiCaprio from 1995 to 1999, so right before that famous graph begins. “I was with him when he made Romeo & JulietTitanic, and The Beach,” she explained. “Then, about 4 months after my 25th birthday (ha, I know what you’re thinking) it was over for good.” She said she broke it off with DiCaprio because she felt like being in his Hollywood friend-group milieu was too much like being stuck in high school. Zang left modeling, became passionate about dog nutrition, and started her own company. “I met the love of my life when I was 38 and got married when I was 40. So you youngins out there, listen up. Life gets so much better after 25,” she wrote. So here’s to Morrone’s next chapter!

Kristen Zang: There’s Life After Dating Leonardo DiCaprio